展覽日期Exhibition Date|2019/09/21 (六) – 11/10(日)
展覽時間Exhibition Time|週二至週日12:00-20:00 (週一公休Mon. Closed)
展覽地點Exhibition Venue|大雋藝術(408台中市南屯區惠文路489號 No. 489, Huiwen Rd., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C) )

▌開幕茶會暨藝術家導覽 Opening Reception and Artist Tour 9/21 (六) 14:30

展出藝術家 Artists|傅作新(Fu Tso-Hsin)、蔡尉成(Tsai Wei-Chang)、呂英菖(Lu Ying-Chang)、汪柏成(Wang Bo-Cheng)、張騰遠(Chang Teng-Yuan)、白田誉主也(Yoshuya Hakuta)、王曉勃(Wang Xiao-Bo)


Unbounded and Blooming- Joint Exhibition of Contemporary Art

In the era of cross-domains in which art and culture blend together, transcending geographical boundaries, “Unbounded and Blooming” exhibits artists’ interpretation of traditional media, combining the perceptions and observations of nature and current human society to create a multi-faceted style. The contemporary vocabulary enriches the viewers imagination, and the spiritual meaning behind the active exploration of the beautiful nature of life. Taiwanese artists Tsai Wei-Cheng, Fu Tso-Hsin, Wang Bo-Cheng, Lu Ying-Chang, Chang Teng-Yuan, and Chinese artist Wang xiao-bo, will present their latest masterpieces in the exhibition of “Unbounded and Blooming”.Leading us to turn over a new leaf in this Autumn…

#傅作新 隨著心境的轉換,藉由細膩的筆畫勾勒及多彩賦色,將自身感觸隱喻性的化作畫面上的各種符碼,呈現出富麗與清新的視覺美感,侃侃地頌讚著生命的每個片刻。

Fu Tso-Hsin’s work shows the transformation of his mood, with delicate strokes and vivid colors, he transformed his own sense of metaphor into various symbols of his paintings – presenting a rich and fresh visual beauty, praising every moment of life.

#蔡尉成 以東方耳熟能詳的神話英雄「孫悟空」為文本,將人生哲學內涵用幽默、詼諧又內斂的方式塑造每一個雕塑角色,如同四季更替大地的彩衣,每種形態及顏色配置都代表不同的生命色彩,深化與觀者間的共感。

Tsai Wei-Cheng is good at perceiving every emotional feeling, and transforming the philosophical connotations of life into sculptures, using his witty and introverted ways to shape the role of each sculpture, like the colorful coats of the earth in the four seasons. Each form and color pattern represents a different color of life, depending on the sense of commonality with the viewer.

#呂英菖 作品汲取生命旅程中家人帶給他的濃郁情感養分,呈現出色彩豐沛、童趣寓言般的鮮明風格,為讚頌生命旅途中發現的所有美麗。

Lu Ying-Chang’s artworks are inspired by the memories of his time with his family. His paintings shows abundant colors in a pure fairytale style. Each painting is like a page Lu’s diary, record of a titbit of his life, continuing expressing wordless aspects of wonderful combinations.

#汪柏成 其《華非華》系列自初期的簡練白描技法描繪花形主體,到近期抽離脈絡取其精神意象,或繁、或簡、或顯、或隱,架構出多維空間的視覺感受,最新創作更結合動物形象,筆畫間氣脈連綿延展通貫其中,帶出一股持續不斷的精神能量,耐人玩味。

Wang Bo-Cheng paints flower-shaped subjects with a simple white drawing technique. a painting is like a visible vein, which stretches through and reveals a continuous spirit. energetic or complex, simple or explicit, or hidden, those are the characteristics he uses to create a visual experience of the multi-dimensional space. His new series of works combining with animal subjects, faintly revealing the buddha’s distant and intriguing thoughts.

#張騰遠 筆下的鸚鵡人穿著各異,像無法辦別性別的外星生物,他們對太空事物進行探測,藝術家宛如操縱者架空出全新的時空背景,以未來宇宙的概念回望現今世界的各式現象,欲隱喻並拋出對時下議題的反思與疑問。

The major character that communicates Chang Teng-Yuan’s thoughts is the Parrot Man who is dressed differently. His clothes only barely reveal his gender. The Artist is regarded as a manipulator, setting up a new space era that is beyond our universe. In this future universe, He depicts this future universe in order to metaphorize and raise the concerns about today’s society.

#白田誉主也 以膠彩畫結合日本和紙、寒冷紗等表現材料建構出優美細膩的視覺效果,為畫中的動物開闢出屬於自己的世界觀,每個畫面鋪成都幻化成一篇篇活潑生動的故事情境。

The Japanese Artist Yoshuya Hakuta who has been specializing in the Eastern Gouache paintings for many years, enriches the texture of the cold yarn and the falling paper based on the mineral colors, and brings the flower ornaments into the painting of an animal.The thickness of the soul – the image exudes a fresh temperament within creation, and allows the individual to realize the uniqueness of the universe.

#王曉勃 被譽為中國當代藝術最有價值的70後藝術家之一,其作品反映出自身之於當今社會的深層關切,透過詼諧的人物描繪及夢奇地般的畫面構成,體現個體對真理、希望的渴望,具濃厚人文哲思氣息。

Wang Xiao-Bo is regarded as one of the most valuable 70’s generation artists of Chinese contemporary art. His works reflect his own place in today’s society and deep concerns through humorous characters and dreamlike composition, reflecting the individual’s desire for truth and hope, with a strong humanistic philosophical atmosphere.

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